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Thank you for visiting the "Robert Made It" website. I hope you will enjoy looking at my different works, learning about me and the services I offer. I welcome all enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me should you desire any of my works, special sizing or a custom unique piece for your home or business. I hope you will bookmark my site and make frequent visits to see my regularly added new creations, designs and projects.

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  • Here at Aria Bistro & Lounge, we had the pleasure of meeting Robert and learning about his company. After working with Robert he exceeded our culinary needs with his new exclusive cutting boards for meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables. The durability and exquisite look of his products are second to none. In my opinion, this is the best quality cutting boards I have ever worked with and will only be working with Roberts products from here on in. Thank you again Robert! Anthony Trenton, Executive Chef Aria Bistro & Lounge

  • Being executive chef at Terrace keeps me a busy man. At the restaurant the cutting board is my work top and having a quality board which doesn't constantly dull my expensive knives is certainly a time and investment saver. Robert's boards are absolutely perfect for showcasing many of the foods from our menu. I even use Robert's boards in my personal kitchen. Robert's boards truly are top shelf, they're beautiful, exceptionally constructed, durable and gentle on my knife edge, what else can a chef ask for?
    Chef Singh.

Why End Grain?

End grain boards are the most gentle on your knife's edge, saving your knife investment cost, sharpening time and allowing a safer food prep with a properly sharp knife.

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Board Hygiene

We are beginning to learn that wooden cutting boards, are not a hazard to human health, but plastic cutting boards may be.

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