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Consideration of wood grain

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I thought I'd take a few minutes to talk about "wood grain" and how we, as "wood workers", experienced or otherwise should be taking wood grain configuration into consideration prior to building anything and especially prior to gluing anything!

    The easy availability of youtube and other video sites has aided in the explosion of at home amateur everything's! Perhaps "aided" isn't the best word, perhaps "fueled" would be far more accurate for there truly has been an "explosion" of amateur wood workers inspired by youtube alone.

    I get it! I get how nice and easy it is to sit in our big comfy chair and watch vids of "how the pros do it", (Looks easy enough), Huh, said that a time or two myself. However I believe it due to our diminishing attention span, (last reported to be less than that of a hamster!)  that the "how to video makers" of the world, avoid talking about some of the most important and critical elements of building something. More and more the shared video taped directions of the internet are being revealed Via "fast forward" or "time lapse" motion. No voice over to talk about the trivial or mere pedestrian topic of "wood grain" But why would they? It only makes the diff between something lasting a very long time VS: something falling apart in the receivers hands, or perhaps falling off of the receivers wall.

     I get it!

     I get that "wood grain",  "is" and "can be" a very in depth, involved, detailed and sleep inducing topic. However this makes it no less important to know about,,,, does it?

      Not in my mind, as such I will be shooting a video in the very near future showing the "correct" way to build an end grain cutting board, thus taking "grain configuration" into consideration.

          I think I'll call it; How to make an "heirloom end grain cutting board",,,, did you see that? My play on words there? Where I called it an "Heirloom", thus indicating it will last a very long time???

    I'm not claiming others at home doing the video taping do not know about or take into consideration wood grain. I hope they do? I would guess the do?

     None the less, you can watch video after video, in this case specifically talking about "how to make end grain cutting boards" and nowhere have I seen or heard anything about wood grain. Not a whisper!

     I personally feel it a wee bit mean not to share the details of a successful build, I mean, if you're going to share your video, hence teaching, then teach folks correctly.

      Over and over I get this image in my head,

                      I see a new hubby,       ((This is where that dreamy music plays)),       he went and watched a "how to video" and then commenced with the build.

     Feeling every so proud, I mean; Peacock proud, he presents his build to his new bride. He thinks he's knocked it out of the park, feels ever so manly because he wasn't known for being mechanically inclined or to have knowledge/experience with tools. Immediately as his newly built creation leaves his hands, he's all he can do to refrain from pounding his chest like Tarzan. That voice in his head; "ME MAN"

      Sadly, this is real life and not the movies and in real life we all know, not every situation has a happy ending. The following day, "Happy wife" invites her folks over, stating; "shed been missing them" but truly is only to show off her new cutting board. Built by her own hubby, or, the man her dada calls: a complete waste of space.

(You see where this is going right? Big beautifully cooked juicy roast on the new cutting board. Board fails, roast falls into father-in laws lap, providing 3rd degree burns to his willy!,, Yea,,,, Not good shall we say)

     (Hopefully that dream music isn't still playing because we're back to real life.)

Please stay tuned and check in for my "how to/heirloom board" video. I cant promise you I wont do any fast forward or time laps,,, maybe,,,, but! I do promise you that I will NOT fast forward over any important processes, parts or procedures required to result in a successful build..

Hope you will enjoy and remember,,, think grain!