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  • Double Boarder design
Hard-Rock white Maple & African Padauk wood

Double boarder Hard-Rock white maple & Padauk wood


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Double boarder

14" X 16" X 1 1/4" (as pictured)


Hard-Rock White Maple & African Padauk wood make up this beautiful double boarder

professional end grain cutting board. The double boarder design is understandibly one of

my best sellers. The simple yet sophisticated Padauk lines brings life and desire to the board.

You dont merely "plate" your food creation on this board, you "frame it"


   This board is available in custom over-all size and thickness. Alternate contrasting wood

species available if desired. Reverse the white maple and Padauk!


2 Way set. We often do the double boarder design with two contrasting woods and then reverse

the woods from one board to the next and sell them as a set. This allows the boards to be

dedicate; one board for meat and the other for fish or veg.


  All boards are constructed with FDA approved wood glue, (approved for direct food contact)

and finished with 2 mineral oil baths and an application of a 3-1 mixture of mineral oil and bees

wax. Boards come complete with anti-slip rubber feet and easy lift finger notches on 2 sides.



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