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Edge Friendly End Grain Cutting Boards & Knife Blocks

My goal is to create beautiful yet functional pieces of art. All my boards are constructed with premium hardwoods, both foreign & domestic. I use only FDA approved, (approved for direct food contact) wood glue, mineral oil and beeswax. I hand select all wood, only choosing pieces and species with the perfect grain configuration and JANKA hardness to ensure my boards will be gentle on your knife's edge. Knowledgeable wood selection is paramount to ensure the pieces and wood species work together while expanding and contracting, thus ensuring your board will serve you well for generations to come.

Live Edge Furniture & Wood Works

I must confess, searching for the perfect piece of raw, live edge wood is great fun. I quickly bypass the perfect slabs which are void of splits, cracks, knots and mixed grains. Such characteristics makes working with these pieces far more difficult yet their end results are far more beautiful. I often stock raw pieces of live edge timbers and slabs for months, looking at them daily, almost like looking for faces in the clouds as I try and decide the absolute perfect creation for that specific piece. I never go to buy wood to make a table, or a large center piece, etc. I buy the pieces first and then allow time, the grain, colors and my imagination to tell me what each piece should become.

Creations by Robert

Sometimes it's requested of me to make a piece of a specific size, perhaps from a specific material or materials. This is when I need my creative imagination to get to work for often my clients can't tell me exactly what they want, they just know they want something unique. I will often suggest creating an upcycled or repurposed piece, to be able to save something from a landfill and give it a new and more beautiful life provides a "feel good bonus" for me and my client. The challenges that come with creating such pieces are enormous, yet pale in comparison to the satisfaction at the success of these pieces.